Last year to celebrate our 1st anniversary by announcing Shotgun Honey Presents: BOTH BARRELS,  a collection of 29 stories from authors who we either invited or  who passed the gauntlet of our diligent editors for the final placement. It is something we hoped would spark interest and continue to be a perennial publication, allowing us to work with existing and new writers for years to come. We enjoyed producing the anthology and from what we heard you enjoyed reading it. If you didn’t, you best best keep it to yourself because Honey is back with her favorite double barrel shotgun and guess what folks? It’s…


This time out we’re a little wiser, a lot more prepared and we are looking for 21 short stories that will blow us away and the readers clamoring for more. I imagine you want to know the details?

What we are looking for?

Just like last time, we’re looking for premium crime fiction from hard luck to whodoneits. We lean towards noir and the non-salvageable protagonist, but a good story is a good story.

What we aren’t looking for?

Graphic sex and violence. No gore. No pornography. This isn’t Fifty Shades of Mommy Porn.

The Guidelines:

  • Word Count: Between 1500 and 4500 words. 3000 words is the sweet spot.
  • Submissions: No simultaneous submission, no multiple submissions, original stories preferred, but we will consider reprints for stories having been out of print for 18 months or longer.
  • Review Period: Notice of acceptance or rejection will happen within two [2] weeks from the close of submissions
  • Editing: Submit well edited work.
  • Formatting: Indented, double space, single paragraph returns, no special fonts or styling other than bold or italics. We recommend you follow this guide by William Shunn.
  • File Formats: Submit stories as .doc, .docx or .rtf files.
  • Payment: $25 paid via paypal or check within 15 days of publication. A digital copy for either Kindle or ePub.
  • Rights: 12 months exclusive for print and 6 months exclusive for digital. Shared rights for the life of the publication.
  • Deadline: June 9, 2013
  • Publication: September 3, 2013
  • Publisher: Shotgun Honey Books/Bad Rocket Media

If you have any issues, please contact us at [email protected].

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